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  • Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald
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  • Promare


    ive seen this movie exactly once, in theaters when it came out via fathom events or w/e, and every time i see discussion of imaishi somewhere online i remember how much i hate it. ugly boring ah movie i wish i had never seen it so i could at least appreciate drawings of the mint haired twink but even that is tainted for me. RAAAAH!!!

    im sorry for logging this just to be angry i just read something online that made me think about it and i needed to yell about it i hope youre having a wonderful day even if you like this movie <3

  • Hellboy


    its remarkable but maybe not surprising how much 'the shape of water' is in this

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  • Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    undeniable eyecandy throughout, feels (lovingly) like a consistently extremely high quality animation student senior project; looks fresh and modern while being fun and experimental and full of ideas, but is paced really awkwardly and doesn't feel like it has anything To Say. also, bringing in Time Travel Hijinks to wrap things up just made me exhausted tbh.

    how in god's name something so ingrained in the culture of elder millenial nintendo game worshipping type shit as scott pilgrim is has…

  • The Story of PuPu

    The Story of PuPu

    sooooo cute and wonderful :D