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  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy

    The last 45-ish minutes, through the ending with the real Nic narrating, goodness gracious. 

    While I thought Carell and Chalamet were great  as one would assume, I gotta give my heart to Maura Tierney and her performance. What might have been a throwaway character reduced to the background, she gave physical grouding to how these people actually felt, and made me empathize in a way that wasn’t just a director trying to show me through the leads, but more of…

  • The Blackcoat's Daughter

    The Blackcoat's Daughter

    A story so subdued in its naturalism, its hauntings are heightened by this fact. 

    An instance where style and substance go hand-in-hand, while subverting traditional horror/drama tropes. 

    There was no way any of this was predictable, and I truly commend the cast and crew for keeping me so invested. This definitely does contribute an interesting take on the genre and subject matter, in a way that hasn’t really been explored, from my experience of just watching movies. 

    This feels right at home with Hereditary and The VVitch. A family affair of sorts for A24, and for future double-feature movie nights to come.

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  • Annihilation



    Legally not allowed to say anything...BUT:

    The love child of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Under the Skin, with some Blade Runner sprinkled in.

    Lordy, Gina Rodriguez, she is someone that is going to have EVERYONE talking as she seriously stole the show and had me genuinely shook.

    Cannot wait to read the discussions about this when it comes out.

    [review will be updated once officially released]

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake

    "There's nothing to solve, you know?!
    It's silly to put so much energy into something that doesn't matter!"

    *tldr below story-time.

    Earlier this year, I spent about 3 months doing literally nothing.
    Life was neither here nor there. I was deeply missing school, and the immediacy of being with/around people. Even more, I was feeling my optimism for the future shine a bit less as the reality of living back in suburbia, and the potential of a life filled with…