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  • Persuasion


    so the sarah snook version got canned for this? I am all astonishment...with a bit of rage thrown in

  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    Finally I get to watch this. And on a dark and stormy night - perfect.
    1 star for making me care about the victims
    1 star for the gleeful sacking of staff
    1 star for late lamented Robert Forster
    1 star for the maelstrom of anger spewing out of this guy
    and 1 star for keeping me thoroughly entertained

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  • This Beautiful Fantastic

    This Beautiful Fantastic

    thank god - she didn't have a mental illness that actually caused her distress - it was the cute and quirky kind
    and thank god - she didn't befriend an old homeless guy in the park - her elderly friend was rich and had no relatives and it was going to end up so well for her
    and thank god she wasn't a 'plain jane' or getting a bit long in the tooth - she was young and pretty so…

  • Stigmata


    Our father who arts in hollywood,
    Stigmata be thy film;
    Thy nonsense come
    Thy sexism be done
    On earth as it is in heaven. ( women are only to be demonically possessed or act as vessels for higher powers )
    Give us this day our daily trash;
    And forgive us our gabriel byrne
    As we forgive him for being in shitty films;
    And lead us not into yet another da vinci code / exorcist mashup,
    But deliver us some catholic shit done right