Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

One star for the dog. One star for the end scene. Half a star for Robbie (would've been a full one if she was in it more than the poster suggests she was).
Is it overhyped because of a shiny director's credit? Yes, yes it is. I came into this film without knowing anything about it, other than it having an all-star cast and Tarantino being behind the wheel. I came out feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.
I can appreciate the work that went into this; the passion is clear. The set design was lovingly arranged and brought me into a world way before my time. The soundtrack captured the carefree nature of youth and hippies. The dog, well, the dog and its "tricks" stole my heart. It's just unfortunate that I didn't get into the thick of it until about halfway through. AND THERE WAS SO MUCH BUILD UP. TO NOTHING.
Brad Pitt was charming in the role of Cliff. He really brought out the big guns, performing with an enigmatic charisma and that Western, Hollywood-worn attraction that really made him lift off the screen and pioneer his plotline. Leonardo DiCaprio was alright, and perhaps it was just his character, but something about his performance just wasn't sitting right with me. You could, however, feel those tears and fears about his future, especially when the series cut. But apart from the overly-emotional and rare gasps in his character, it felt wooden and distant. Margot Robbie was wasted in her role. I do believe that Tarantino just chucked on a 60s record and let the cameras run while she danced and jived. It's a shame, and not a recommendation of a film to watch if you're yearning for some Robbie talent.
Let's talk about the best part. The dog. I want to hire the animal wrangler to train MY dogs to wait so patiently for their food and to seriously injure and/or kill people that I dislike and/or want to kill me. Not only was the end scene wonderfully choreographed and timed, but Pitt and the dog made such a fantastic team, Hollywood producers should seriously think about having them star in their own spin-off film. And it could be the fact that because the ending was amazing, it left me wanting more, and when I wanted more, the movie gave me credits. Saddened, truly.
Definitely not a favourite of mine, but not so terrible that even the most cynical of movie-goers can get some enjoyment out of it.

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