Emma. ★★★★★

I've now watched Emma. like. 3 and a half times (I watched it for the third time today and then went back and rewatched some of my favorite parts) and I just think this movie is such a lush and beautifully executed endeavor. Everything is so carefully and lovingly put together, from the acting to the costumes to the background details. It's one of the most beautifully colored and visually lovely movies I've seen in years but doesn't sacrifice depth at the alter of aesthetics. It's romantic and good hearted and has so much kindness for its deeply flawed main character, while still assuring she gets her proper comeuppance. The Knightley/Emma romance is so wonderful that I'm rooting for them just as much as I'm rooting for the Very Sapphic Energy of Harriet/Emma, which is a FEAT in any movie.

Gosh, I still just can't believe that this movie has The Dancing Scene and the Running Scene back-to-back. Most movies don't even have two scenes that are that good, let alone have them ONE RIGHT AFTER THE OTHER in the MIDDLE OF THE MOVIE. Cinematic Perfection has been reached!!!!! All other filmmakers can go home!!!!!!

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