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Long Distance Film Festival 2021 - Full Programme

Elias asked me to make it so here it is!

"Long Distance Film Festival is a new form of film festival for these unprecedented cultural moments. We are an entirely online global live-stream marathon of short films built to highlight new and exciting work from people all around the world.

Films will be screened live online through Spectacle Theater’s new streaming platform and will be completely free to viewers around the world."

The festival screenings will be split into three sections:

Opening Night: Past
Personal histories, historical identities and the way the past dictates our lives. These films tells stories about immigrants, imperialists and lovers.

Centerpiece: Present
It has been more than a year since we started to self-isolate, even…

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  • Sky Above the Port
  • Recreation
  • Golden Age
  • time
  • To The Girl That Looks Like Me
  • Bambirak
  • Those Who Drown Cling to Foam
  • Wooden Sword
  • Instants of Cindy Sherman
  • the lights are on, no one's home
  • You Don’t Have To Thank Me
  • What's Mine is Yours
  • The Touch of the Master's Hand
  • Press Pound to Connect
  • Interdimensional Pizza Pushers
  • Salt
  • IMG_3505
  • Please Enjoy Your Stay
  • A Quiet Declaration of Independence
  • Time
  • 1 Bottle o'Wine
  • Existing Is A Bitch Rn
  • Forever
  • I've Said And Done Things That No-One Will Ever Remember (Volume VI)
  • Neko
  • My Dear Quarantine
  • Flying Turtle
  • Peeps
  • The Other
  • Intimate Views
  • Shadows in a Landscape
  • Close Your Eyes and See Purple Stars
  • Raspberry
  • You Are My Son
  • First Love
  • The Test
  • Carpe Diem
  • Trouble
  • With Feeling
  • Trammel
  • The Village
  • Still Processing