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  • After the Next Generation

    After the Next Generation

    My dearest sympathies that are the children from this toxic and unhealthy relationship.

    Tessa the dumbass and Hardon Bundy’s children deserve so much better.

    And I thought Maddie Ziegler’s relationship with Sia was bad.

  • Turning Red

    Turning Red

    This is the worst Pixar movie movie since Cars 2 and the Good Dinosaur. It’s so bad, it makes said movies look like art in comparison. 

    While we are on the topic of lows and comparisons, this is as Shrek 3 levels of bad, but for different reasons.

    Now to actually talk about the movie.

    Just like Shrek 3, all of the characters are either extremely unlikeable, serve no purpose or have no personality. In STT, it killed 3 birds…