Get Out

Get Out ★★★★½

When u feel that something's wrong or something's off, you're not paranoid cuz there probably is something wrong.
Trust your gut HAH
Super cool plot to me, cuz I've only heard about this and never watched it in a movie before.
The future really is scary.
But the guy would kinda be traumatized with all the killings he did.
What I hoped was for him to kinda find and save the rest out of their misery, but then again, they're controlled by somebody on the brain so its kinda impossible. Happy that he survived though.
On a side note its very annoying to see the racism or the unfairness among white people treating the black. its sad, really.
On a side side note, the soundtrack at the start of the movie really got me going. Great soundtrack to listen to !!

Fun movie. I loved it.

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