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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Wholesome moments that happen during this film that have also happened during my coming-of-age that send me every time:

-Being in denial that I’m fucking awful at math
-Giants in the sky on stage in front of too many people
-Acting like I know an artist someone recommended me to sound impressive 
-Cringey drama games in drama class
-"I think we’re done with the learning portion of high school"
-Screaming the damn showtunes we have to learn for our class play in the car with my drama friends like it’s some kind of good song
-"wHatS iN tHe DufFeL bAg??"
-Those awful coloured t-shirts they have to wear during the school play
-Burgers after a performance with the whole class
-"That’s weird you shake hands"
-Been told my mom is SCARY
-unrelated to the rest of this list but that cry me a river needle drop 🤯
-A nosebleed during THAT kind of moment
-Been told this song sucks (you know by who) when it’s actually the best fucking song
-That moment of realization Christine has after the prom that there’s no time left to spend with the ones we love the most before we move on
-The way Christine lays in bed doing nothing during a summer day where she has nothing better to do
-Referencing a completely obscure inside joke to a brand new friend (Christine sticking her head out the window yelling to Bruce)
-"But we weren’t really talking when it happened"

Wow. I loved this movie but never like this until tonight.

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