Tenet ★★★★★

my god. this goes down ENTIRELY easier the second watch. nobody should be allowed to give this a rating until they’ve seen it twice. was able to catch so many more details the second time. 

this is nolan extrapolating on what he did in Dark Knight Rises, so if you liked that one, in a way, this is way more, at a way crazier magnitude of that. 

the pacing is this film is truly nuts. specifically the most dense first act in a film i’ve ever seen. Pattinson was not lying when he said that every setpiece in this film is like a normal blockbuster-sized third act CLIMAX setpiece. 

god fucking bless life right now. i needed this. and it’s everything. also god bless the WB Toronto team for being chill enough to let me see this twice in a row!

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