Tenet ★★★★★

we’re the people saving the world from what might’ve been. 

i think i’ve cracked it. why i think this is absolutely fucking inventive cinema and why a ton are finding it difficult to connect to...

this film rarely leaves The Protagonist’s side. nolan has only really written one other film of his this way (Interstellar). The Protagonist is navigating this "twilight world" for the very first time. us, as an audience are given as much information as he is, which at times is not a whole hell of a ton. i think the brilliance in this approach to writing is showcased best in the "red room/ blue room" scene. nolan plays with audience expectations in regards to the audio mix (that up until that point of the film has already been purposely difficult to hear). the first half of this scene is written frustratingly on purpose, as the way time inversion is used in the film is taken advantage of in regards to the way nolan chooses to reveal information to us. absolutely fucking brilliant. we are not being spoonfed dialogue which is simply put not something hollywood has conditioned us for yet. i am in love with the concept that nolan is breaking tradition here and attempting to re-invent form. i love it. guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet... but your kids are gonna love it. 

anyways, i’m sorry, but if a film is still teaching me new shit about its craft on a SEVENTH viewing, i know it’s something special. am now declaring this my second favourite film of all time, behind Scott Pilgrim.

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