The Garden of Evening Mists

The Garden of Evening Mists ★★★★

Proudly to say this is a Malaysian English Drama film which is beautifully done and almost perfect. The pace is quite slow but i’m not felt bored throughout the movie. Both Angelica Lee Sinje and Sylvia Chang are terrific as Yun Ling, the main Protagonist alongside Hisroshi Abe who played the love interest, Nakamura Aritomo. The director Tom Lin Shu-yu exploited the beauty of Cameron Highland to capture mesmerizing moment and ‘borrowed-scenery’ in this film. The shot and cinematography here are astonishing. And I understand that this movie is also for international screening purposes, the script can be quite a tricky one. Especially when involved political history and colonization facts. But due to the limited location of the movie mainly set in Cameron, I think they told the story just minimal and decent enough without jeopardize the main plot, and that is a compliment. Recommended to watch this unique, locally-made in cinema. 

“Do you always have to talk like that?”