The Cloverfield Paradox ★★

while watching the superbowl with some people we saw the ad for this and were like "we will watch this tonight yay"

netflix tweeted that they were sending out free snacks to people in select areas, so my roommates and i abused that a little and placed multiple orders

and then some more people came over and we all sat in a living room watching a brand new movie none of us even knew existed, which was being magically beamed onto the television

and yeah, part of it was "i wanna see the new cloverfield!" but i think for me a big part of it was, "i wanna be part of the conversation tomorrow!"

and we laughed, and we commentated, and we shat on the stupid parts and loudly reacted to some of the cool parts and definitely made a lot of noises at the final shot, all while eating snacks that materialized at our door thanks to netflix

and there we were watching this brand new, probably pretty high budget blockbuster that no one had any prior emotional investment in because no one knew it existed

and frankly i thought the movie was pretty shitty, but somehow it felt like a special shitty movie because it was an event, and since we weren't in a theater we could talk and eat and pause and rewind and discuss as it was happening

it's generic, the writing is ridiculous, but it's fast paced, fun to watch, it looks expensive and i didnt pay anything to see it, and somehow it magically appeared on my television tonight

netflix made an event out of a generic movie. for 2 hours i felt like cinema was recontextualized and if this were a genuinely great film, i don't think it would have had any place in my living room. i had a perfect experience watching it and eating Magic Free Netflix Food, and for a brief moment i became very excited to be living in the future