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  • Pi



    The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” - H.P Lovecraft.

    After the sudden realisation that my favourite quote of all time can be used to describe one of the many meanings behind Darren Aronofsky’s Pi, I felt compelled to write…

  • Hot Summer Nights

    Hot Summer Nights


    It’s a shame that this film’s storyline was much weaker than the rest of it’s other enjoyable aspects. What’s worse is that the plot had potential but various parts seemed to have been rushed and, in many instances, abandoned or gradually silenced over time. As a result of this, certain pieces of the story didn’t make as much sense as they could have. Even entire characters would be randomly introduced somewhere throughout the film and then would be forgotten about…

  • Midsommar



    The endless amount of interpretations one can conjure up from this film is what makes me love Midsommar so much. This film is a masterpiece of horror all the way from its cinematography to its multitude of layers of symbolism and foreshadowing. 

    At first, Ari Aster’s use of foreshadowing through the form of art seems so subtle and cryptic that it’s as if it simply blends in with the rest of the mysterious components that make up this film. However,…