Octopussy ★★½

Pretty meah Bond. Not good, but nothing made me say why am I watching this.

I just wonder who went to the studio and said "I have an idea... why don't we send James Bond to the circus..."

And then who said "Absolutely I love that idea!"

One of my favorite openings with the plane in the horse trailer. After that the movie is crap.

Super creepy Bond all over the place in this film. From the cleavage shot at Q's to being a peeping Tom later in the film, Roger Moore is consistently in full creeper mode throughout the film

"wacky" chase on Tuk Tuks through India with the driver hitting people with a tennis racket and the people looking back and forth like a match.

Negative all the points - Tarzan yell while swinging on vine

Bond hides in an alligator... Can't wait for Timothy Dalton, or Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig... just no more Roger Moore