Aliens ★★★★★

I honestly don’t know if I can love a film anymore than I do Aliens. Yes, Alien is the shit and a horror staple. But Aliens is the best of the series for me. It fathered one of the greatest first person shooters in Halo. It also produced some of the best characters in any movie EVER. We have the most bad ass heroine in Ellen Ripley. We have the bad-assery from Corporal Hicks played by Michael Biehn and Vasquez played by Jenette Goldstein. We have the comedic relief of Hudson played by Bill Paxton. And the adorable little girl, Newt. It’s just fucking perfect all the way around. I’ve gone on record to state that this is the greatest action movie of all time. The holy trinity and trifecta for me is Aliens, T2 and Die Hard. I love everything about this movie and it also includes some of the best one liners to ever grace the silver screen. My favorites listed below:

“LET’S ROCK!!!” -Vazquez 

“Eat this!” -Hicks

“I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up on current events, but we just got our asses kicked, pal!” -Hudson

“Game over, man.... Game over.” -Hudson

“You were always an asshole Gorman.” -Vasquez

And finally.... “Get away from her, you BITCH!” -Ripley

What a masterpiece. I probably watched this fifty to a hundred times in my lifetime. I decided to watch this since my son had only seen bits and pieces and since their was an Aliens bundle in Fortnite that we both bought on our respective game consoles, I found it necessary to rewatch this ASAP. Any who.... Top 10-20 for me without question.

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