Tintorera: Killer Shark

Tintorera: Killer Shark ★★★

Tintorera isn’t quite a shark movie that you’d expect, as it mostly focuses on two men who live on a beachside town in Mexico and pick up women. One day, they pick up Susan George and they ultimately become a throuple. There’s a bunch of nudity in this but not too much sex. Also, the shark action is few and far between. You’ll see more sharks and other sea animals being hooked, clubbed, and shot than anything else. Oh, and it’s all real. I had no idea it was that type of movie which really sucks but other than that fact, I liked it. The main star is the legendary Mexican exploration actor, Hugo Stieglitz! All I gotta say about this movie is that the 70’s was a wild time. Just a bunch of unprotected sex with eachother. No biggie either. Wild times.

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