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miscreant; overly generous with my likes (4.5-5⭐️: absolutely love; 0.5-1⭐️: despise; otherwise, ❤️/no ❤️).

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  • Shampoo
  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Phantom of the Paradise

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  • The Ghost of Peter Sellers

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  • Sweet Revenge

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  • The American Dreamer

    The American Dreamer

    Fascinating verité style doc following Dennis Hopper during the period when he was on top of the world, basking in the glow of Easy Rider’s massive financial success and decamped to Taos, NM, where he works on editing his follow-up for Universal, The Last Movie, ensconced in a sprawling pueblo ranch estate, shrouded in a constant haze of drugs and drink, surrounded by a bevy of hangers-on, most of them very young hippy females. The Manson vibes are strong (and not just…

  • Ricco


    As far as ‘70s Italian mafia revenge pictures starring Robert Mitchum’s son in which an evil Don played by Arthur Kennedy sporting shoe polish dyed hair and a John Waters mustache orders his henchmen to cut off a guy’s dick, shove it into his mouth, then toss him into a cauldron of bubbling acid go, this one’s pretty lit.

Recent reviews

  • The Ghost of Peter Sellers

    The Ghost of Peter Sellers

    Director Peter Medak revisits a cursed, aborted Peter Sellers movie he shot in the early ‘70s, the shoot of which was such a shitshow that it nearly ended his career. The lore and bits of footage are interesting, the self-pitying tone of the first person stuff less so.

  • Eileen


    I am all about the Hathaissance.

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  • Babylon


    Look, the history of cinema is the history of directors having a big acclaimed Oscar-feted hit and then earning the juice to make their next one a huge swing-for-the-fences dream project/drug-fueled folly. Sometimes it turns out to be Magnolia, sometimes it turns out to be New York, New York, sometimes it turns out to be Heaven’s Gate, and then sometimes it turns out like this. I don’t make the rules.

  • Dumb Money

    Dumb Money

    I mean, Paul Dano gives a nice performance, but this just fucking screams “Black List script.”