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  • Joker



    Very good. BUT I had a hard time ignoring the age difference between young Bruce Wayne and “young” Joker. Totally distracted me from buying into it all. So by the time Batman is operating as we all know him the Joker is what? 70-80y/o?

  • Coming 2 America

    Coming 2 America


    Loved the original back when it was a new release. Was excited for but was disappointed with this.

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  • The Adventures of Tintin

    The Adventures of Tintin


    As good as an Indiana Jones movie! Fantastic.

  • Greenland



    Better than I expected. Dare I say, good? Yes it was. It was good. It was like someone said let’s make a remake of Roland Emmerich’s 2012 but we’ll make it much more realistic and less hyperbolic. We’ll focus on characters rather than SPFX. Felt very realistic and believable up until the last 5-10 minutes which were a bit cliché. The ending was a bit weak but that’s a tough bit to tackle in a film like this.
    Will watch this again some day.