Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent ★★★

As I watched Loving Vincent my mind periodically drifted toward the possibilities of what might have happened had the film opted to tell its story from the vantage point of its subject rather than through, as David Ehrlich said in his review, Citizen Kane-style flashbacks. While it generally begins to pick up after the first third or so, it doesn't change the fact that the film admittedly drags at times - which is not what a 90 minute movie should do. 

Nonetheless, Loving Vincent is one of the most dazzling animated films I've ever seen from a sheer visual standpoint. It's almost impossible to comprehend the tremendous efforts the painters and filmmakers put into recreating Van Gogh's style and  their subtly inserting some of his actual works into the settings. The film never drops into the uncanny valley and I liked the color contrast between flashbacks and the present. That, combined with the committed efforts of the cast and some genuinely emotional moments make Loving Vincent a commendable effort that I would recommend seeing in theaters.

Verdict: B-

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