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  • Jurassic World

    Jurassic World


    Not even good bad.

    Seriously—name one thing in this movie that works well. Nope, not the CGI—the animation in the original worked better for me than this did. Somehow, the creatures don't strike the ground or, well, anything with a convincing sense of weight and momentum.

    Bone-headed characters, but the situations they're subjected to, and their dialogue, are not their fault, so... bone-headed writers.

    Pratt and Howard have zero chemistry, but it doesn't matter because their story gives them no…

  • mother!



    Note 1: I really didn't expect to be writing what I'm writing now. I expected to roll my eyes, thankful to have merely survived another blast of Aronofsky intensity.

    Note 2: Your experience may be very different than mine. The woman who sat behind my friends and me stood up as soon as the credits began to roll and said "Disgusting!"


    First impressions:

    If Lars Von Trier so loved the world that he gave a rip about how women…

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  • Selma



    Thank God Almighty.

    Director Ava Duvernay had a monumental task before her, making a high-profile motion picture focused on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, with a cast of famous names. What’s more, the closer the film has come to release, the more the headlines have shown us just how much we need a Great Film about Dr. King’s vision.

    Even great directors would probably have disappointed us. Think of Spielberg’s Lincoln: Hey, I loved it, but I acknowledge that it…

  • Moonlight



    Impressively meditative? Yes. Acted with subtlety and tenderness? Yes. Remarkably restrained in dialogue and action? Yes. Interesting?



    Well, not for this particular moviegoer. It has nothing to do with the subject matter or context, both of which drew me eagerly to this film. As with The Fits earlier this year, I wanted to see a film that would bring to life communities and contexts that go sorely neglected on the big screen.

    And Moonlight does that. But I…