45 Years ★★★★

45 Years gave me my biggest big-screen scare in a long time: Charlotte Rampling watches slides in a dark attic and suddenly... Bagul.

Okay, but seriously. A few post-viewing notes:

I'm relieved that the film's big revelation is not what the trailers made it seem (another moviegoing experience needlessly complicated by a trailer).

Of the two lead performances, I'm more taken with Courtenay's than Rampling's. Hers feels like a pastiche of notes she's played before in films like Under the Sand, Swimming Pool, and Heading South. Nevertheless, I still think this is a better performance than any of those likely to get a Best Actress nod.

All the stuff about climate change and glaciers — poured it on a bit thick, didn't they? Still, I'm haunted by the image of Katya in the ice... exactly because it's an image we never see in the film, but one we construct on our own.

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