BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Spike Lee: "Sorry to bother you, but ..."

[Throws a trash can through a window.]

This is what Lee does best (although he still hasn't done it better than he did in 1989).

Unfortunately, the MAGA audience that most needs to see BlacKkKlansman is too busy building walls to worry about broken windows. If they looked through windows, they might have to engage with the world outside of the impossible fantasyland in their heads. They would rather look at screens that play FOXaganda and preach white supremacy in a vocabulary of patriotism.

Forced to watch this, the audience that needs this moral awakening would probably cry and complain that Lee makes a joke out of white people here. They'd be missing the fact that there are many non-black characters played respectably here, and the scenes that lean lampoonish are actually used as a tongue-in-cheek answer to the ugliness on display in Birth of a Nation.

Anyway, if you're alarmed that this film gets a bit heavy-handed, well, let me introduce you to Spike Lee.

And if you think the film exaggerates the KKK or overplays their idiocy... have you been watching the news? We hear stuff from the White House now that, if it had appeared in a Spike Lee satire, would have been called "over the top" and "a mean-spirited caricature."

BlacKkKlansman may not be great cinema, or even top-tier Spike Lee (too early to say). But right now, even though it may be too late to save America from the snakes in its garden, it's sure good to see somebody on the big screen drawing attention to the snakes.

We need this so much more than we need The Meg or Equalizer 2. (Trust me, you don't want to check this week's box office results.)

Also: Harry Belafonte FTW.

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