The Trip ★★★★

Anne picked the movie tonight, and I thank her for doing so.

I've seen pieces of this before with a friend who has the whole television series on DVD. Loved what I saw.

So I'm pleasantly surprised to find that this "best-of" reel congeals into a remarkably rich and complicated film. It works as a buddy movie, as a "foodie" film, as a meditation on a mid-life crisis movie, as improv, and as a surprisingly dry and bittersweet comedy about celebrity.

By playing himself as an actor who has never quite found That Role, Steve Coogan has finally found That Role.

And Brydon... while his impressions of Caine and Connery and Connelly and Pacino are great, in his quieter moments he's Charles Grodin to Coogan's De Niro on this restaurant-tour version of Midnight Run.