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My review is at Looking Closer.

Zodiac is sure to cause complaints that it’s just a parade of information that leads to nothing at all. But dig deeper, and you’ll find a story about the elusive nature of evil in a world that thinks information, knowledge, and technology will eventually solve our problems.

Dig even deeper, and you’ll feel the vibrations of 9/11. While Toschi and Graysmith panic and plot, applying all their powers of reason, technology, and information to try and eliminate the threat, it’s hard to miss the implications. The Zodiac slips through every net, just like that present-day criminal mastermind who taunts America with video appearances instead of writing letters. After all of the post-9/11 investigations, manhunts, arrests, theories, and invasions, the threat is still out there. Our government, law enforcement agencies, and media have failed to find a solution. We’ve witnessed an epidemic of fear and the escalation of a worldwide conflict.

Reason and information are certainly helpful in bringing criminals to justice, but humankind will never muster enough resources to solve the problem of evil. That kind of help can only come by grace. But no one looks up in this town.

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