The Nun II

The Nun II

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

It’s bad but it’s not bad bad. It’s a big mindless, stale, cliche, generic, meaningless burger. 

Obviously the scares are pathetic, there’s no atmosphere, it’s flooded with piss poor acting, BADDDDD dialogue with inconsistent characters (I bet money there was more than one writer before the movie ended and I was right), the villain was too overpowered and yet forgot what powers it had when convenient, the macguffin of the film was ultimately pointless, main character side kick was so unnecessary, the cinematography/editing was not cohesive or well executed, and it’s predictable to the letter. 

I guess a compliment could be it’s brisk? I didn’t feel the run time but the pacing is super formulaic. It’s tripping over itself to get to more meaningless jump scares and it does a horrific job trying to develop characters and make us like them. Pat the fucking dog times a billion with Maurice, Jesus Christ. 

I had so many questions too. Like, why did the Nun demon want the eyes specifically? It spent so many goddamn years trying to get it maybe just get something else? Also, how is the Nun demon able to be at multiple locations at once? Is that how “powerful” it is? Um okay. Why did it appear for Irene at the newspaper stand, not kill her, and show her a vision of what she wanted? Seems pretty stupid if you ask me. If the Nun Demon thing has Jedi powers and can throw people, why the hell doesn’t it do that all the damn time when it needs it?? WHY DOES THE NUN JUST STAND STILL EVERYWHERE??? Why did the Nun kill that one delivery kid? There was no reason for that to my understanding. So was the demon wrong about the eyes making them monstrously powerful or did they prey really hard and it didn’t matter? Also I’m sorry but that little girl would be fucking traumatized by what Maurice did. That’s her trusted adult friend and he literally got possessed and tried to kill them all. I don’t give a good goddamn how close they were, she’d never see him the same again. 

Welp Hollywood just keeps shitting out exorcism type horror movies because they have no new ideas. See you at the next one

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