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  • Unda



    more than the political commentary and criticism of police (both discernible, neither particularly trenchant), it's the riff on an archetypal premise -- a motley group of men attempt to accomplish a task against some odds -- that's engaging here, as hierarchical relationships and interdependencies change, prejudices, vanities and vulnerabilites gradually come to light. twist being that these are cops, instruments of state power deployed to quell maoist insurgents (on election day in chhattisgarh), but who are left shortchanged, hurt, victimized…

  • Jhoom Barabar Jhoom

    Jhoom Barabar Jhoom


    bobby deol’s hair is on day 79 of quarantine, is also part of the funniest sholay reference in history.

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  • Andhadhun



    the terrifying hilarity of a camera casually panning to a masked person waiting as their potential next victim makes them coffee, a blind man as unreliable as he is hapless, with as many secrets beneath his bunny head walking stick as there are behind his sunglasses, a hand (with a ring!) sticking out of a suitcase, a murder set to beethoven's fifth, all of these pieces and more put together with breathless invention -- to the point where the film's…

  • Kaala



    a living, breathing record of an urban milieu -- reconstructed with the vibrancy of color, music and rebellion -- shots of alleys, domestic interiors and every sound bringing forth the multiplicities of voices, perspectives and personalities of its dalit community.

    at the center of it is, of course, rajni, a screen presence and symbol imposing enough to potentially define/devour/debilitate everything around him. somewhat startlingly (at least for someone yet to watch kabali), kaala begins and sustains a tense dialogue between…