Annayum Rasoolum ★★★½

fascinated here by how rajeev ravi slyly pushes the possibilities of the star-crossed romance in small, noticeable ways. the problems with the stalkerish courtship sequences are there (and they don't go away), but the unhurried poetry of glances and gestures and a lovingly detailed kochi milieu also mean it wears these flaws beautifully. the hero flagrantly steals the phone number of the woman he loves, sends unsolicited messages, yet there's an impossibly sweet moment later in the film where she's scrolling through those same badly spelled "gud mornings" and "cheet dreams" while yearning for him. it helps that there's radiant chemistry between fahadh and andrea, as two beautiful actors, as their respective characters, their restlessness and melancholy finding solace in each other.

there's a larger sense too that from a tale told across familiar communal lines (she a christian, he muslim), it becomes something more expansive, inevitable tragedy descending in muted tones but with great weight on the lovers from all sides of an entire, multifarious community.