The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★½

An instant classic, Marty was put up against an insane amount of hype and the actors were so old and many of them didn't star in a good movie for a long time, but still, he managed to put together a near-flawless picture.
The story is very straightforward, you know what to expect with this kind of movie-genre and you'll be served, the writing is tight and the story unfolds its chapters seamlessly.

The acting is good too, nothing spectacular though, De Niro does look very old despite the CGI improvements, his movements can be so out of place with his body and sometimes it's noticeable, nothing that I would complain about though as the rest of his portrayal of Frank was on point, especially his narration which really carried many of the transitional scenes on its shoulders and made sense out of them.

The rest of the cast did their job very well, except Al Pacino, at times he really bothered me with his over-acting and I wasn't a tad convinced of his performance, it's not bad by any means, it's just that I didn't connect with his character very well, I understood his motives and what he stands for but there was no empathy for him.

The music is absolutely amazing, I loved every song and it really enhanced the experience, great choices.

As I already said, the film is an instant classic, and it doesn't matter if De niro looks a bit older than what he should be, or if Al pacino over-acts, the important thing is that this whole package was an homage to the old triumphant days, the days of Casino and Goodfellas, when Marty and Bobby shined and did great things together, and just the idea of seeing them side by side after many years, being old as fuck and trying so desperately to serve their fans, is reason enough to any cinema enthusiast to show his respect and appreciation for what these people are trying to accomplish.

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