Saw V

Saw V ★★

Torture Porn?

We have made to Saw 5, now directed by some other dude who’s directed like 4 other mediocre horror movies. I think this is the film where torture porn can finally start being thrown around. A lot of this gore feels unnecessary and it doesn’t help that the effects are pretty poo poo. Just go back to full practical! The cgi blood is not fooling anyone! We see a lot more kills in this one than four and none of them really feel accomplished or earned. Oh no, a guy gets his stomach sliced open...yay. This one doesn’t feel like the Darren movies mostly because of the editing-where is that awful quick fired editing gone?!?! The “detective” parts don’t really feel like a saw movie, but some crappy strait to dvd stuff. The best part is definitely the group part. We meet a new group of victims trapped together, making their ways through room to room. These parts carried the film, which is why I gave it two stars. All of the remotely good characters are gone and we are stuck with big lips and Bob Odenkirk lookalike. Of course, Tobin Bell is still in a bit, but he doesn’t feel the same for some reason. It’s like he was replaced with his identical twin or something-he just doesn’t have the same vibe as before 
The best trap of this film though is easily the the head chopping rope one. At least we get something memorable this time around.
Overall, a more entertaining time than the last, but still pretty bad.

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