Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

I absolutely adored this movie. Equal parts hilarious and heartfelt. Taika Waititi once again proves he can do no wrong, with nearly every part of this movie being perfect, from his writing and direction to the many amazing performances to the superb design of the film. It's just such an enjoyable movie. The script balances the the light hearted comedy, the intimate emotion, and the darkness of the subject matter so well. Taika's direction brings such a unique and interesting view and vision to the whole situation, knowing exactly what to show and what not to show, being restrained when its important but also feeling free to be indulgent when appropriate. Then, the overall scope and look of the film makes it feel truly cinematic. The city, the sets, the costumes, the cinematography and color grading, it's all so grand and gorgeous and just makes you really feel like this is a fucking movie (in the best way possible).

Focusing now on the performances, there's some special praise to be given. First, to Roman Griffin Davis, who plays the titular Jojo, and Thomasin McKenzie, who plays a Jewish girl named Elsa. Taika has a history of getting great performances out of child actors and these two are no exception, both performing every scene of emotion and humor to absolute perfection. Secondly, to Taika himself as Adolf Hitler. He does kinda play himself, but there's just something about his performance that really gets to me. He balances well the playfulness that comes with being a child's imaginary friend with the sheer vileness of playing Adolf Hitler, especially in his final scene. Lastly, and I hate that I have to say this, but Scarlett Johannson was superb as Jojo's mother. Her character holds a lot of the emotional core of the film and she carries that burden well. I will never forget how disgusting of a person she is in real life, but she gave a great performance here.

There are some valid criticism to be had about it, mainly about the portrayal of Sam Rockwell and Alfie Allen's characters, but personally any and all faults this movie may have get outweighed by everything that's amazing about it. I highly recommend seeing this, especially if you're already a fan of Taika's other films. Judging by other's reactions, I guess it's not for everyone, but I think it still deserves a watch.

Dumbasses say you couldn't make a Mel Brooks movie today or that comedy has died, yet here we are in 2019 with a comedy about nazis in major theaters garnering acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

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