Trader Horn

So this was one of the last 17 best picture nominees I haven't been able to watch. Because of that, I've been kind of hyping these movies up in my mind. I'm going to be watching movies very few people have seen. But, while watching this, I remembered that movies that are hard to watch are likely not worth watching to begin with. There's exceptions, but this is not one of them.

This is extremely racist and generic, part of the "White People Travel To Exotic Land Filled With Harmful Stereotypes of Minorities" genre. And, a lot of other films in the genre, it's overlong, poorly written, poorly acted, and a complete waste of time.

I have 16 more of these nominees. *sigh*. At least theres some cute animals.

I may sound a bit disaffected in this review but that's mainly because I'm tired of movies like these. This is truly one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's so bad that it literally gave the majority of its cast and crew malaria. It's battling hard with Cavalcade for the title of Worst Best Picture Nominee. Never search for this. If you ever happen upon it, don't watch it.

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