BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Oof, what a knockout final montage. This is bold, vital filmmaking.

Can't say it's 100% slick though. While it has fantastic painfully relevant ideas, a great sense of juxtapositions, and a vivid production, even so I can't help but feel some scenes were a missed opportunity. I think the issue was a confused headspace and sometimes the humour disarming the tension too often. It could've indulged more in that area.

It jumped logic a couple of times and it took me a scene or two to keep up with the direction it's going. Most importantly - the third act rushed along too much for me. I think it'll grow on me on rewatch though, when I can anticipate its payoffs a little more. Still pretty brilliant and I'm on board with Spike Lee being recognised for it. I'm glad I've come around on him just in time for this.