Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

I'm happy to say this lived up to my expectations. I've been excited for it since I first saw Derek Cianfrance's Metalhead project on IMDb many years ago. This is probably the premise's best-case scenario. My hearing has degraded over the past couple of years so this is an interesting cautionary tale in some ways. I feel I may appreciate this more on revisits because the pacing is very matter-of-fact, but the narrative structure is terrific.

While I love how it frequently enters Ruben's headspace, it would've been great to get a bit more insight into who he is rather than having a purely observational perspective. It does have some beautifully unique juxtapositions here and there even though this film is a clear cousin to films like The Wrestler and so on. Fantastic to see Riz Ahmed in lead roles finally. He's living up to his own promise too.

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