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  • Handsworth Songs

    Handsworth Songs


    essay film, a bit hard to follow - the event isn't really properly explained til the end. I found the dialectic (only use that word cos Akomfrah says he aims to place a dialectic in each of his films lol) of immigration vs riots a bit strained at times - once or twice was good but it kept coming back to it. In all it seemed to be trying too hard, walking the line between academia, art and politics. Guess…

  • Chan Is Missing

    Chan Is Missing


    great piece on the Chinese-American experience in 1980s San Francisco, told through the lens of two taxi drivers looking for their friend. Really love the use of black and white and this kind of wandering through chinatown and the wider community, gives it a really genuine almost documentary tone whilst keeping the audience engaged with the storyline.

    Different attitudes to Taiwan, communists, the police - it's all there :)

    up on solidarity cinema

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    *Holds up skateboard* “we just have these, this isn’t who we are” sets the scene for one of the most genuine, unpretentious skate vids i've ever seen - from scenes of friends messing around to the effortless framing of karens and security as members of the cast, it all just feels free and full of careless abandon, blessed summer days amidst this winter. Great editing, great music, another celebration of life and pure joy - thanks LW for the recc x


  • Living the Utopia

    Living the Utopia


    sometimes you need to watch cute Spanish grandparents talk about their experience in the Spanish civil war to restore your faith in libertarian communism. Rlly interesting documentary stuffed full of observations, old footage and dreams of utopia.

    watch it here: