Scream ★★★★

Well That’s one way to spend my Christmas Eve! 
This was also my 2500th film, that fell onto the 25th of December, nice. 

 I’ve been wanting to see this for years, I’ve seen it parodied and recreated ever since I was a kid but I’ve actually never sat down and watched it. 

I can honestly say that this was so much fun and I was genuinely into the characters and self aware humor. This is a real love letter to horror and I really appreciate that and even 22 years since it’s release it still holds up in my book. It could have been awful but the tone is balanced really well and it has that nice feeling to it of story and depth like 2017’s IT. Wether it’s for show or not is up to you but I liked the twist and turns and the characterization throughout. 

 I ended up enjoying this more than Halloween which I saw in October, I’m going to checkout the sequels of both franchises and see how I feel about them then.

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