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This review may contain spoilers.

I guess I should have saw it coming from a movie called The Game, but this is undoubtedly one of most fun films directed by David Fincher. Watching it very much feels like trying to put together a complex puzzle, filled with intrigue and an eagerness to be surprised from how it ends up offering so much more than what you initially thought it would offer once you finally see the bigger picture, and boy does it deliver there.

The film is essentially a wake-up call—an attempt to strip someone away from self-delusions through the paranoia that arises from becoming aware of the strings controlling reality. It loves to keep you second guessing, and at one point it even sees Michael Douglass's character at the brink of insanity as he exclaims something along the lines of "It's all fake! He's an actor!" as he watches a news broadcast. It was at times like those where it plays out like if The Truman Show was a horror movie, but instead of giving him the "perfect" life and observing it through cameras, they're actually trying to strip his away like a scam. He has everything he wants but nothing he needs, and it isn't until he loses everything he has when he starts to see the importance of what his life has been missing. As much as it has the oh so perfect eeriness of a typical Fincher film as it creeps down a rabbit hole of peculiar and seemingly dangerous situations, it ends up being an extremely uplifting celebration of life. It was a huge mix of emotions and I couldn't help being satisfied with the outcome.

Also, this is my 9th Fincher film and only now do I notice that the man hasn't written ANY of his films. I can't be the only one who's shocked about that right? Seriously, he's always able to translate the script to the screen as if he was the writer, but he's always simply been the man hired to direct movies. I guess that's just a testament to how good of a director he his.

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