Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

Imagine, Martin Scorsese's 'After Hours' envisioned by Nicolas Winding Refn, David Robert Mitchell & Gaspar Noé.

Soaring areal views, sweeping tracking shots & intricate close-ups collide in what is an explosive onslaught on the human eye.

Robert Pattinson delivers a career defining performance anchoring the frenetic, visceral energy that the Safdie brothers bring. Plenty of films have tackled the subject of heists going wrong but never have they been as visually inspired. Everything is handled with such efficiency that it's remarkable this is only their third directorial feature. 

Each sequence of the berserk editing is accompanied by Oneohtrix Point Never's dizzying, electric score that blends seamlessly with the ensuing mania. Comparisons to composers, Tangerine Dream don't go unnoticed as the pulsating beats collide with Sean Price William's vibrant cinematography. 

Yet for all it's visual and technical glory, 'Good Time' is a very humane tale that encapsulates the relationship between two brothers. Despite suffering in the midst of an anxiety-induced state, I sympathised with the characters despite the despicable acts that they frequently commit.

Once the film takes ahold, it never lets go. From beginning to end, I was thoroughly engaged. Making it yet another illustrious credit to Robert Pattinson's renaissance and undoubtedly one of 2017's finest films.

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