Men in Black: International

Men in Black: International ★★

Here come the Men In Bleurgh, you won't want to remember. *clap clap*

Perhaps I'm romanticising the MIB franchise but I can't remember it ever feeling so pedestrian. This latest reboot stinks of desperation. You can literally hear the Sony execs scrambling for ideas. Little do they know that they've been sitting on their precious shared universe for the past twenty years. If done correctly you could capitalise on the endless possibilities of the Universe and set-up an assortment of sequels. Unfortunately they've decided that the best way to reinvent the series is to copy the original. 

I like Tessa Thompson & Chris Hemsworth. They're great actors who share a strong onscreen dynamic but they're not Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones. Even when working with a poor script those guys found a way of elevating the material. Occasionally it didn't work yet you still enjoyed the time spent with their characters.

Onscreen veterans like Emma Thompson & Liam Neeson round out an uninterested ensemble with the former having maybe ten minutes of screen time? I understand that you've got to make a living but show some integrity. You're better than this! Rafe Spall's performance is so uninteresting that the guy sat in front was more interested in the contents of his nose than what was coming out of the character's mouth. Rebecca Ferguson delivers her best Sia impersonation with the one saving grace being Kumail Nanjiani as Pawny. A royal alien guard who despite being moderately entertaining is nothing more than a dollar store version of Frank the Pug.  

What begins as an interesting foray with an assortment of creatures soon descends into the realm of predictability. The central plot revolves around an alien super weapon. It's only reason for existing is to spawn a number of unimaginative set-pieces. Of course the screenwriters attempt to sprinkle in a few surprises but the material doesn't feel like anything more than an afternoons work. Towards the end it begins to outstay it's welcome and just when you're about to leave it drags on for another fifteen minutes. 

So dull that it shouldn't warrant a response. If it wasn't for this review, I'd have forgotten it immediately. Why would anyone think that this was a good idea? Critically slammed and a financial bomb. I hope Sony enjoy their tax write-off.

P.S. Can we get a Jimmy the Alien spinoff? That family drama was juicy.

Also was anyone else waiting for Vungus to ask Agent H for his bank account details?

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