2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

This has officially been added to the favorites list. 
Just wow.
Everytime I rewatch this I immediately want to rewatch it once it’s done. Same with Eyes Wide Shut and The Shining.
Eyes Wide Shut is my personal favorite Kubrick and favorite film currently but this comes really close. 
The direction is just amazing. 
For my favorite shot (I love all of them) but I would say just the entirety of Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite. 
I watched this alone while it was raining in the dark so it was even more of an experience this time.
I felt more fear this time. 
Especially when the monolith appears and the final trip happens.
It just shows our fear of things we can’t understand perfectly. 
It has one of my favorite endings in a film.
One of my favorite final shots in a film. 
One of my favorite scores in a film.
Oh and I started reading the book. It’s completely different. I would still recommend reading it thought to get Clarke’s interpretation.
Arthur C. Clarke is one my favorite writers though so I’m really enjoying it. 
But yeah the last thirty minutes of this film is just cinema to me.
You don’t know what’s going on or what it means you get to decide. 
I’m upping my score to a 12/10 left an impact on me this time bigger than it ever had before.
I don’t even need to talk about how amazing the direction is you already know. 
And that entire sequence with HAL 9000 in the end is just perfect.
Also I’ll be purchasing a Kubrick set soon and I’ll be finally finishing his filmography.
Edit: And there’s so much to analyze! I think I have my interpretation of what it all means and I’ll post it once I’ve got it fully figured out.

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