Dunkirk ★★★★★

So I love when my opinion on a movie just completely changes. 
It happens rarely but when it does it’s a good feeling. Like Melancholia used to be my least favorite Von Trier then I rewatched it and started analyzing it and now it’s my favorite Von Trier and high on my favorites list. 
So today I looked at my collection and decided I would watch Dunkirk which is a movie I thought very lowly of on first viewing. 
And this is the first Nolan film I decided to revisit. 
And my mind had completely changed. 
The direction is amazing.
The scene with the beach in the beginning especially when you hear the plane descending onto the beach. The opening is directed to perfection. The ending is directed to perfection. It’s extremely intense. The tension doesn’t stop. 
The score is amazing.
That constant ticking just has you on the edge of your seat in almost every scene. 
My main complaint was there was no characters but on rewatch I realized it’s more about the event. And it’s just supposed to show the horrors of the battlefield. 
10/10 I’ve had a complete 180 on this one.
It fired perfectly on every aspect of movies I love. 
This is also the first Nolan film I decided to revisit after Tenet. I’ve got a list up for where I’ll be keeping track of all the Nolan films I’m revisiting and my past rating and my previous rating.
Also this film is an example of all my criticisms of the film becoming my positives.
Edit: Also it didn’t fall to exposition. There was almost no exposition. Which I loved. And it was more focused on the direction and sound design which I just loved.

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