Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★★½

Sixth Watch
RIP Paul Walker should’ve been with us longer. Fast and Furious and Joyride are just pure fun.

So I’m aware all the Fast and Furious films in the beginning are nearly the same. But after this they change and just become more insane and more fun. So from my movie taste you would assume I would hate stuff like this but I love it. It’s a good break from some of the artsy stuff. After watching 2001 for the twelfth time I needed a little break. And this film was perfect for it. It’s just insane action fun. Dwayne Johnson as Agent Hobbs is hilarious some of the lines they give him for example:
“Give me the damn veggies.”
Which had me dying of laughter after he said that. It’s got a great villain in Reyes who you just want to see die and he gets exactly what’s coming to him. Roman and Ludicres have amazing chemistry. Han. Han is the best character in the whole franchise. The ending scene with the vault is just insane. The quarter mile for a million dollar race scene is fun. And the ending had me smiling. I prefer Furious 7 even more crazy. Rewatched this because the A Touch of Film livestream. Go check him and Dion Wyn out both great channels. Tomorrow I’m starting a film challenge for myself and I can’t wait.
Summed up it’s a pretty normie movie but still pretty fun.
Recommended if you like crazy movies and Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

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