Mirror ★★★★★

So my Stalker Criterion arrived today. 
Out of excitement I decided to rewatch this masterpiece.
This has gone up higher on my favorites list. 
One of the most beautiful touching pieces of cinema I’ve ever witnessed. 
Also holds up after many rewatches.
And it contains one of my favorite opening shots and ending shots in cinema. 
I really just don’t have words. 
I was in tears at many points during the film. 
Just a beautiful piece of art.
My rating is going up to a 12/10 I connected with it even more this watch. 
I go more in depth in other reviews so I’ll leave it there but I love this film to no end. It impacted my life as well. 
Also the scene with the fire is one of the most beautiful shots I’ve seen just ever. 
Oh and next month I’ll be going through Tarkovsky’s whole filmography. 
Tarkovsky and Mann will be the two directors I go through next month I’ve only seen one film from each. 
I’m hyped for both. They both make films that sound right up my alley. 
Like Thief and Miami Vice I’m extremely excited for. And for Tarkovsky Andrei Rublev and Solaris are my most hyped.
I’m really just hyped for all their films. 
But yeah Stalker October 31st along with a final Spooktober film can’t wait.

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