Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Another rewatch. I’ve seen this film to many times to count.
So I rewatched There Will be Blood earlier today and I thought why not watch another masterpiece.
The thing with my favorite films list is the top four I have no doubt those are my favorites. Every film under that changes a lot. But Mulholland Drive, Voices Through Time, Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and Young Girls of Rochefort are extremely solid. It takes a true true masterpiece to knock a single one of those films out. 
But yeah Mulholland Drive is my second favorite film of all time. 
It’s got Naomi Watt’s best performance for me. Laura Harring and Justin Theroux are also amazing. 
But I’ve talked about this. This film has my favorite score of all time. Everything about it fits the film. I can hear it right now as I write this without listening to it. The lights flashing on the Mulholland Drive sign is one of my favorite shots in cinema. 
So this film is extremely intricate. It has so many layers to it. 
Now there is the easy way to interpret it. Which I won’t say but if you look up any YouTube video on it it’s usually the same interpretation. 
I would recommend going to the Mulholland Drive theory site there’s some really interesting ideas on there. 
But yeah Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, and Justin Theroux give their all. I mean Naomi Watts is Betty in this film. The audition scene is one of my favorite scenes in anything because you don’t see it coming. 
And the diner. Everyone knows the diner scene. It tells you exactly what’s going to happen but that’s what so genius. You know it’s coming yet your just so in shock when it happens. 
And the diner scene could also mean a multitude of things. I can’t talk about those due to spoilers but I will eventually.
Laura Harring as Rita is amazing.
Club Silencio when things pop off Laura Harring gives her all in that scene. 
And Justin Theroux has some great comedy. The scene where he walks in on his wife cheating had me dying of laughter. Cause he does what he does so quickly. And the coffee scene. Don’t really know what to say about that one. 
And those opening five minutes are gonna decide wether you’ll love it or hate it. 
I really need to pick up the Criterion. 
And the direction by Lynch is amazing. Once again those opening shots. Those ending shots. All the shots at the dinner table at the end with the kiss especially are shot super well. All the shots of the cowboy are amazing. All the shots in the apartment are amazing. Club Silencio is shot extremely well and when they get back to the apartment and the box opens is extremely well shot as well. I mean it’s shot to perfection.
Every aspect of this film is done to perfection.
I can’t even give this film a rating out of ten. It’s not an eleven it’s beyond an eleven it’s beyond that rating scale it’s so amazing. if you somehow haven’t seen this masterpiece then I would highly recommend it.
Every times I review this I’ll probably end up a massive review because I love this film to no end. 
I mean without this film I wouldn’t have discovered Jodorowsky or Piavoli. I wouldn’t have gotten into arthouse and discovered tons of my favorite films. 
Thank you David Lynch!
Also love the Lynch weather reports.
And I’ll be doing a spoiler review eventually on what I think the film actually means and how I interpreted it.

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