Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Ok wow. 
I try to rewatch this film at least monthly because I love it that much. 
Every rewatch I’m astonished at how amazing it truly is. 
Every single aspect of this film is pitch perfect. 
This is my favorite film of the 2000s without a doubt. 
This is also the film that got me into cinema as a whole. Without this film I wouldn’t have gotten really into film and taken a film class and found this website because of it. 
This is another film that leaves me speechless every-time I watch it. 
That final line and those last few shots as Angelo Badalamaneti’s haunting theme plays and Lynch directs this beautiful final shot  is just perfection to me.
Angelo Badalamenti’s score is maybe my favorite score. 
It flows perfectly with the film. 
Not a single shot does the score feel off. 
And the way it’s used in the opening scene implanting that image of the Mulholland Drive sign with flashing lights into your mind is just amazing. 
And the way he makes the score is haunting you throughout the film and you can’t pinpoint why. There’s always a subtly darkness in the film. And slowly but surely all the lights in the film fade and everything is shown. No spoilers. 
I’m trying to be as subtle as possible for those who haven’t seen this because if you somehow haven’t seen this film already you need to. It’s essential viewing in my eyes. 
But the score because I still need to talk more about it. 
And of course the opening. 
One of my favorite scenes in cinema. Badalamenti’s magnificent haunting score plays as the lights flash on the Mulholland Driver sign. 
Then the way he uses it in the ending. 
He calls you right back that moment with the flashing lights but it hits way harder. 
Can’t spoil the reason why but whew it just destroyed me. 
I was in tears at how beautifully haunting it was and how perfectly it fit the film. 
Badalamenti’s score is just an 11/10 alone. 
But yeah the performances. 
Naomi Watt’s gives one of my favorite performances ever as Betty. 
The scenes near the end especially is just acting at its finest. 
Throughout the whole film she never fails once to give a performance that fits that moment. 
And the scene at Club Silencio when you see the look on her face is just so fitting of the scene once you see see the film once you have to see it again. Because that scene holds so much in regards to the entire story you’re bound to miss something. 
You have to watch this film more than once because this film is way more then it seems to be. Even if you go with the most popular theory there’s so much more to the film then that that’s only explaining a base level. There’s so much more. That’s how I feel with Kubrick there’s just so much more to it. 
Naomi Watt’s is the standout and one of my favorite performances of all time. 
Then Laura Harring as well gives an amazing performance. 
The way she just perfectly plays Rita is insane. 
And whew in those final thirty minutes I want to continue that but for those who haven’t seen it I’ll hold off.
But yeah the last thirty minutes she just gives an outstanding performance as well. 
Throughout the entire film she fits the role of Rita perfectly. 
She feels like she is the character. 
Same with Naomi Watts. 
Laura Harring just knocks it out of the park. 
Then Justin Theroux. 
He just perfect as Adam. 
He fits the role perfectly. 
He just is Adam. 
The entire film you just believe he is this character. 
Same with every other actor. 
All the performances are all alone a 11/10 
Then the direction by Lynch. 
Lynch just makes films in such a unique way. 
Eraserhead, Inland Empire, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and Mulholland Drive are all in my favorites list. 
But yeah the way he shoots those opening shots of the lights flashing on the Mulholland Drive sign is just amazing. 
And how he films LA. 
It not only fits the theme of the film perfectly but it’s just beautiful to look at. 
The shots of Aunt Ruth’s apartment complex are just amazing. 
Especially near the end. 
The scene with the cowboy is filmed perfectly. 
Got Twin Peaks flashbacks. 
But of course if we’re talking about direction we have to bring up the diner scene.
The way Lynch builds tension and fear is just perfect. 
I don’t want to go any farther than that for those who haven’t scene it but the diner scene is just amazing. 
How he films Adam’s segments as well is just perfect. 
And how he juxtaposes Diane’s apartment to Betty’s through the way he directs them is just amazing. 
The scene at Club Silencio is just magnificent. 
And of course those last thirty minutes are directed is just astounding. 
It’s just so Lynch. 
Lynch’s direction is an 11/10 alone. 
I highly highly highly highly highly recommend this if you somehow haven’t seen this masterpiece of cinema. 
12/10 you have to see this film. 
Hoping to watch Blue Velvet and finish The Return soon.
But Mulholland Drive is everything I love about cinema wrapped into one film.
And this is currently number two on my favorites list.

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