Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

Glad I finally got to this.
The first act dragged a bit. 
The second act got better.
But the third act was easily the best part. 
I did see the twist coming that happens near the middle of the film. 
The final scene is pretty satisfying.
Carey Mulligan owns the screen. She gives her all and probably gives the best performance of 2020. 
Especially near the middle of the film. When things start getting serious.
Alison Brie and Bo Burnham are great as well.
Everyone gives a solid performance. 
The direction is solid.
The use of pinks and blues here is great. 
The ending is probably the best looking part of the film. 
All the shots at the clubs look great.
Even the mundane coffee shop area looks great.
The house looks great.
It all looks great.
The revenge scenes were all pretty solid. 
It’s just a solid revenge film. 
Glad I watched it.
Don’t have to much to say about it so I’ll just give my rating now. 

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