Ran ★★★

Watched it over my break. 
Visually beautiful but I could not get into it.
I tried and tried but I just could not do it. 
I still enjoyed the beautiful absolutely jaw dropping gobsmacking visuals. 
But I just was not entertained. 
I feel terrible because I wanted to love this film I tried so hard to love it but again I just couldn’t. 
I will be rewatching it however eventually. 
On a new Criterion DVD I eventually get along with Kagemusha. 
I hope I love this more in the future but as of this moment this is where it stands for me.
I applaud Kurosawa for the visual prowess displayed here however.
Need to see more Kurosawa soon. 
This movie and Titus were both basically the same for me. 
Couldn’t get into them for some reason but visually they were both stunning.
All the respect in the world to Kurosawa though this has me convinced I need to check out more of his stuff just purely on a visual level. 
Rewatch eventually.

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