Suspiria ★★★★★

Another Spooktober watch.
This film is full of color. 
From the opening shots in the airport to the shots of the ballet school and the shots of the window all look amazing. 
My favorite shot is the opening though. 
As Suzy starts walking towards the door and the Goblin theme plays whenever she gets near the door then as soon as she opens the door she’s taken into this mystical world. 
The score.
Goblin’s score fits the tone of this film perfectly. 
It’s this haunting fairy tale type score. 
It’s got this feeling to it. 
It’s one of my favorite scores.
Jessica Harper gives a solid performance. 
And the kills. 
The kill with the window is one of the most iconic kills in a horror film. 
And how he shoots that scene is amazing. 
The shot is so full of color yet it’s so brutal. 
I mean wow. 
It’s maybe my favorite Argento. But he’s made so many solid films. Deep Red, Phenomena, Opera, and Inferno are all solid giallos. 
But yeah 10/10 I just it. 
And it’s for a massive atmosphere. 
It feels like you’re in this rainy unfamiliar place and the narration in the beginning adds so much atmosphere. 
It feels like a haunting fairy tale. 
The way the colors make the school feel like this mystical place. 
10/10 perfect for the Halloween season.

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