Tenet ★★★★★

So I’m not a big fan of Nolan’s films but I saw this as my first experience back in the theatre and my mind was blown. 
The second and third acts just blew my mind. 
At first I was thinking no way he can make a twist better than this then boom another thing happens that tops the previous thing. 
The twist with Kat especially blew me away. I mean just wow. 
Also the hallway fight. I’m not going to say anything else but just the genius of that scene just shocked me. 
Then the opera scene and how it seems so simple then you look back on it after the movie is finished and just damn. 
The script is perfectly executed. Every single moment pays off.
As much as I hate spoon feeding the audience the dialogue here I’m ok with it because you have to to make sense of what’s happening. 
And from the reviews I read I thought this would be a confusing mess but it was simple.  
Well up until the third act when everything just  goes insane. 
But you just have to pay attention. Don’t focus to much on subtle details just focus on the story. 
Oh and the car chase blew my mind again. 
How you think it’s one way but it’s actually another. 
The soundtrack.
I loved it. 
Now it’s just blaring in that opening opera scene to that battle scene is just amazing.
And how you can tell when things are inverted because of the music. 
And the ending.
A scene you think didn’t matter actually did. 
That’s pretty much every scene.
There’s so many details with the red and the blue as well. 
I think the twist with Kat was the best. It’s a tragic twist but it makes sense. 
Then the twist with Neil as well just blew my mind and how it all ties together. 
The story and the soundtrack were just amazing. I’ll have to buy the soundtrack now. 
I’ll be picking this one up no matter what now. I feel like I have to rewatch it. 
And thanks to the person who told me to give this film a chance even though I didn’t like Nolan’s previous works. 
Also the direction is amazing. 
That scene when the battle finishes and the twist is revealed looks so amazing.
The shots of the boat look amazing as well.
And that hallway fight I don’t know how he got that but he did. 
Same with that ending battle sequence it’s just so good. 
And that opening opera sequence looks amazing as well. Sounds amazing to. 
And when things start getting crazy after someone is hurt the direction just looks so damn good with the blues and reds.
I adored the direction. 
And the more I think on it the more I notice. 
Now the plot. 
It’s basically a high concept James Bond. 
The villains cliche up until the scene with Kat. 
It’s so hard not to spoil this film. It was just so good. 
The plot does so many twists and turns and somehow it all works. 
Now if you hate this movie I understand and I respect your opinion but I just love everything about it. 
And ah that car chase scene and that hallway fight so good so good! 
I cannot praise this film enough.
Which is odd considering how much I dislike Nolan’s other films. Maybe I should give him another chance. 
But yes this movie blew my mind multiple times throughout the runtime. 
The soundtrack, the directing, and the story especially are all pitch perfect. 
Also this sorta reminded me of another film I rewatched recently no spoilers again. 
I have to watch this again.
However I’ll be waiting till it comes out on DVD to see it again. 
I really enjoyed this film.
Also this is one of the few films where I felt the concept was used to the best it could possibly be used. I mean the way he uses inversion just astonished me. And I went in with low expectations. But seriously one of the best uses of a concept I’ve seen in a while.
I was entertained throughout the whole film the soundtrack especially just kept me even more entertained. Even before inversion kicks in.
When inversion kicks in everything goes off the rails.
I loved the first hour then finding out the double meanings behind everything that happened just astonished me.
It’s nowhere near favorite films level for me personally but it’s still amazing.
And keep in mind I dislike all of Nolan’s other works. But after this I feel like I need to give them another chance.
As soon as this is out on DVD you better believe I’ll be watching it as much as possible. Because I know I missed something. I don’t know what but I know I did. And those are my favorite types of movies.
Stuff like Mulholland Drive or Goodbye to Language where you can just think on it and think and you’ll never fully understand. 
Summed up this is exactly my type of movie.
Edit: Also saw the Dune trailer. The Dune series is one of my favorite book series of all time and that trailer has me hyped. Hopefully Denis does the best he can with it. I’ve got extremely high expectations. The first book is a masterpiece of the science fiction genre. Can’t wait to see it!
Edit: I may be going to see this again tomorrow. I just can’t stop thinking about it.

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