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So before I start the review I’ve got another question. What’s your favorite film(or films) of the 2000s(2000-2009)
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But yeah I rewatched this last night because I had the time and Mank will be out eventually. 
This still remains my favorite Fincher. 
There’s just something about it that really connected with me. 
Visually it’s just perfect. 
The opening shots of you following the envelope to the office just look amazing. 
The final shot is just a perfect way to end it. I can’t imagine the film ending any other way. 
The shots of the lake look amazing. It feels like this massive area until something happens then it feels claustrophobic and contained. 
My favorite short is probably the bit with the posters near the end in the basement. That’s just tension building done to perfection. 
This film is just intense. 
The scene with the school bus especially is just extremely intense. 
Also the part when they have a suspect and you start to notice all the little details suddenly the tension just ramps up. 
Also the phone calls the main character gets adds another level of intensity to it. 
In terms of performances Jake Glyenhall, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. just give amazing performances. 
The soundtrack is also amazing. 
It just gives you a sense of dread throughout  the whole film. 
But yeah I’m going between a 10/10 or an 11/10 I’m still having trouble deciding if it’s a favorite or not so for now I’ll go with a 10/10 
This is also the Fincher film I rewatch the most. 
My next Fincher rewatch will probably be Gone Girl. But my next watch in general hasn’t been decided yet. I think I’ll probably go with Blackhat or Do the Right Thing.

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